PLSM Series, 10kA, Eaton Moeller
PLSM Series, 10kA, Eaton Moeller Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) Fuses and Circuit Breakers Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | HLME Engineering Sdn Bhd plsm 1 pole selection table plsm 2 pole selection table plsm 3 pole selection table
No of Poles: 1-Pole, 2-Pole, 3-Pole

Model for 1-Pole: PLSM-C1 , PLSM-C2 , PLSM-C3, PLSM-C4, PLSM-C6, PLSM-C10, PLSM-C16,

Model for 2-Pole: PLSM-C1/2 , PLSM-C2/2 , PLSM-C3/2, PLSM-C4/2, PLSM-C6/2, PLSM-C10/2, PLSM-C16/2,
PLSM-C20/2, PLSM-C25/2 , PLSM-C32/2, PLSM-C40/2, PLSM-C50/2, PLSM-C63/2

Model for 3-Pole: PLSM-C1/3 , PLSM-C2/3 , PLSM-C3/3, PLSM-C4/3, PLSM-C6/3, PLSM-C10/3, PLSM-C16/3,
PLSM-C20/3, PLSM-C25/3 , PLSM-C32/3, PLSM-C40/3, PLSM-C50/3, PLSM-C63/3

Tripping characteristics: B, C, D

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